Summer Holiday in Japan in May & June 2010 (Enhanced Version) ~ Part 2

The Tokyo Monorail (東京モノレール) is a monorail system connecting Tokyo International Airport (Haneda Airport) and Hamamatsucho located in downtown Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan. With at least 300,000 passengers using the line daily, it is the busiest and most profitable monorail line in the world. It is also the most scenic way to travel from Tokyo's Haneda Airport towards downtown Tokyo.

The 6-car 1000 series and 2000 series EMUs run at a top speed of 80 km/h (50 mph) each. Observation cars are fitted at each end car to give passengers a panoramic view as the train runs along the line. From July 2014, 6-car 10000 series EMUs are scheduled to be introduced to increase passenger ridership on the line further.

A passing loop at Showajima Station was opened on 18 March 2007, allowing Haneda Express services to commence along the line. Rapid services also began to call at Ryutsu Center and Oi-keibajo-mae Stations at the same time. During the daylight hours, many local trains call at Showajima Station for approximately a couple of minutes to allow faster Haneda Express services to pass through.

There are three types of train services that operated on the Tokyo Monorail Haneda Airport Line. The stop patterns are as follows:

Haneda Express (空港快速; Airport Express): Hamamatsucho (浜松町), Haneda Airport International Terminal (羽田空港国際線ビル), Haneda Airport Terminal 1 (羽田空港第1ビル), Haneda Airport Terminal 2 (羽田空港第2ビル)

Rapid (区間快速; Rapid Transit): Hamamatsucho (浜松町), Tennozu Isle (天王洲アイル), Oi-keibajo-mae (大井競馬場前), Ryutsu Center (流通センター), Haneda Airport International Terminal (羽田空港国際線ビル), Haneda Airport Terminal 1 (羽田空港第1ビル), Haneda Airport Terminal 2 (羽田空港第2ビル)

Local (普通; Regular train): All stations (incl. Showajima, Seibijo, Tenkubashi, Shin-seibijo)

A trip between Hamamatsucho and Haneda Airport on the Tokyo Monorail typically costs 470 yen (S$5.73) each way. From 21 October 2010, Japan Rail Pass holders can use the Tokyo Monorail free of charge, as JR East maintains a Travel Service Center in Haneda Airport International Terminal Station, which opens from 11 o' clock in the morning to 6.30 p.m. daily.

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