Mid-Term Holiday in Brisbane Australia in June 2012 ~ Section 4

Welcome to the fourth section of my most recent mid-term school vacation in Brisbane, Australia in June 2012. This will be the final segment of the holiday report. There will be a total of two main focus in this section, which will mainly be the road journey back to Brisbane Airport, and the flight back home to Singapore.

Part 1 ~ The Road Drive Journey Back to Brisbane Airport

After spending eight days of shopping, exploring and culinary experiences in Brisbane, Australia, it was finally time to head back home to Singapore. On the morning of Monday (11 June), all of us woke up at around eight o' clock after having a very well-earned, good night's rest. The very first thing we did was to have a nice, hot shower and change into our attire for the return trip towards Singapore before packing up the remainder of our baggage.

Our main itinerary for the return journey towards Singapore would be to fly with Etihad Airways on flight EY 473 bound for Abu Dhabi via Singapore, which would be scheduled to depart Brisbane Airport at 12.10 p.m., and arrive at Singapore Changi Airport at 6.10 p.m.. The flight would then have a short layover of 1 hour 30 minutes in Singapore prior to continuing back to Abu Dhabi at 7.40 p.m. later that evening.

Part 2 ~ The Flight Back Home to Singapore

Airline: Etihad Airways
Flight No.: EY 473 (Flight continues on to Abu Dhabi)
From: Brisbane Airport (BNE / YBBN), Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
To: Singapore Changi Airport (SIN / WSSS), Singapore
Aircraft: Airbus A330-243
Registration No.: A6-EYP
Class: Pearl Business Class
Seat No.: 9F
Date: Monday, 11 June 2012

After spending approximately 1 hour 10 minutes of relaxing and charging our electronic devices inside the Koru Lounge, the clock was finally showing 11.25 a.m.. Knowing that boarding for Etihad Airways flight EY 473 bound for Abu Dhabi via Singapore would commence in 10 minutes' time, we immediately packed our belongings and left the lounge for Gate No. 80. The entire walk between the Koru Lounge and Gate No. 80 took no more than just five minutes.

Soon enough, we were finally at the waiting area of Gate No. 80 by 11.30 a.m., which was just in good time for boarding to commence in five minutes' time. There were a lot of passengers waiting for the first boarding calls for Etihad Airways flight EY 473 bound for Abu Dhabi via Singapore. Through this, I could tell that the flight would be full to a very large extent.

This afternoon, Etihad Airways flight EY 473 bound for Abu Dhabi via Singapore was to be operated by an Airbus A330-200, registered A6-EYP and powered by two Rolls-Royce Trent 772B-60 engines. A6-EYP was delivered new to Etihad Airways on 15 October 2007 as the 19th Airbus A330-200 and Airbus A330 for the airline. The overall delivery would make the aircraft approximately 4.7 years old today.

After spending just five minutes of anticipated waiting at the passenger waiting area, the first boarding calls for Etihad Airways flight EY 473 bound for Abu Dhabi via Singapore were finally made at 11.35 a.m.. The Pearl Business Class passengers, along with the Etihad Guest Club members and the passengers in need of special assistance were called to board the aircraft first.

As we were among the passengers being called out to board, we held on to our baggage and rolled up for the boarding process. Walking along the jet bridge towards Door A, we were finally on board A6-EYP at 11.40 a.m., which was just in good time for a 12.10 p.m. departure. At the front door, two flight attendants welcomed us on board and showed us the direction towards our seats in the Pearl Business Class cabin.

Once we had found our seats in the Pearl Business Class cabin, we stowed away all of our belongings and settled down for the return journey back home to Singapore to begin. The flight attendants then carried out their normal pre-flight routines of distributing the food and beverage menus, free newspapers and pre-departure beverages to the Pearl Business Class passengers. To start off, I ordered my usual glass of orange juice and settled down for the journey home.

This officially brings my travelling blog report about my most recent mid-term vacation in Brisbane, Australia in June 2012 to a conclusion. Again, comments and queries will be more than welcome. I sincerely hope that you have enjoyed reading this report. There will be even more interesting posts in the time to come. Thank you, and have a pleasant blogging experience!

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